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Use the custom link generator below to create a stable link that allows access to library resources on and off-campus:


The web address you start with must be a stable, persistent link as opposed to a dynamic URL which includes session information that will expire and can't be reused. If you're not sure if you have a persistent link, read the information below or ask a librarian.

1. Copy and paste the source URL here:


3. Copy and use the URL generated below:

4. to make another link.

Note:JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order to use this tool.

How to identify a persistent link

Some database providers will identify the persistent link for an article using the terms “persistent link, permalink, persistent URL, or stable URL." Others may instead provide the DOI (or Digital Object Identifier) for the article, which is a standardized method for identifying an electronic object. When available, it is the preferred method of linking to a document because it will never change.